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Full form of commonly used words in our Daily Life…… Amazing 

Full form of commonly used words in our Daily Life……

BYE, OMG, ZIP Code, SBI.. We use these very common slang words in our daily life. In today’s fast life everyone wants to optimize their time even when they communicate to each other’s. If you communicate with other person, then you would like to talk much more within the short period. You can optimize your time by using the slang words into your chat conversation. We sometime find the short words into our chat that we could not be able to understand. Therefore, here I have listed some most commonly spoken slang words that you can use in daily life conversation.



HDFC   Housing Development Finance Corporation
ICICI Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation of India
SBI State Bank Of India
ONGC   Oil & Natural Gas Corporation
HSBC   Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation
IBP   Indian British Petroleum
IFFCO   Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative
UNICEF   United Nations Children’s Fund
CRY   Child Relief & You
IDBI   Industrial Development Bank of India
BARC   Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
MBBS   Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery
PhD   Doctor of Philosophy
I.Q Intelligence Quotient
A.M Anti Meridiem.
P.M Post Meridiem.
e.g Exempli Gratia.
i.e Id Est (That is to say)
SMS Short Messaging Service
ETC Et cetera (Used to mention the continuation of a specific list)
G.I.JOE Global Integrated Operating Entity
CT SCAN Computerised Tomography
MRI SCAN Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
MD Doctor of Medicine
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
TTE Traveling Ticket and Examiner
FIAT ( AUTOMOBILE COMPANY) Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
FAX Facsimile
GPS Global Positioning System
JBL James Bullough Lansing (Founder)
SIM CARD Subscriber Identity Module
SOS Save Our Souls
ATKT (Exams) Allowed To Keep Terms
VFX Visual Effects
TRP Television Rating Point
GQ MAGAZINE Gentlemen Quarterly
AUDI Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt
SIM Subscriber Identity Module (SIM card)
PNR Passanger Name Record
QR Code Quick Response Code
SAP   System analysis and program
DLF   Darbari Lal Foundation Limited
GPRS   General Packet Radio Service
GSM   Global System for Mobile Communications
CDMA   Code Division Multiple Access
IVRS   Interactive Voice Response System
BMW   Bavarian Motor Works
ATM   Automated Teller Machine
AIDS   Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
AM   Ante Meridian
PM   Post Meridian
ASCII   American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ERP   Enterprise Resource Planning
BPO   Business Process Output
BPL   British Physical Laboratories
LASER   Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
RADAR   Radio Detection and Ranging
CTC   Cost To Company
CT Scan   Computerized Tomography Scan
NASA   National Aeronautics and Space Agency
SIM   Subscriber’s Identification Module
STD   Subscriber Trunk Dialling
ISD   International Subscriber Dialling
PCO   Public Call Office
DHL   Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn
EPABX   Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange
SAARC   South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
URL   Uniform Resource Locator
HTTP   Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPS   Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
USB   Universal Serial Bus
CBSE   Central Board of Secondary Education
CBD Belapur   Central Business District Belapur
USP   Unique Selling Proposal
FMCG   Fast Moving Consumer Goods
FAX   Far Away Xerox, FAX is the shortened form for ‘facsimile’
FICCI   Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
VAT   Value Added Tax
GRE   Graduate Record Examination
GMT   Greenwich Mean Time
PDF   Portable Document Format
PNR   Passenger Name Record
PING   Packet Internet Groper
PVR   Priya Village Roadshow
NEWS   North,East,West, South
NIFTY   National Stock Exchange’s Fifty
NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NASSCOM   National Association of Software and Service Companies
NGO   Non Governmental Organisation
NIIT   National Institute of Information Technology
NRI   NonResident Indian
MPEG   Moving Picture Experts Group
GIF   Graphic Interchange Format
JPEG   Joint Photographic Experts Group
RSS   Really Simple Syndication
WIFI Wireless Fidelity
WWF   World Wildlife Fund
LLP   Limited Liability Partnership
LED   Light Emitting Diode
LCD   Liquid Crystal Display
CRT   Cathode Ray Tube
ITC   Imperial Tobacco Company
ESPN   Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
RTO   Regional Transport Office
TDS   Tax Deduction Source
TCP   Transmission Control Protocol
IP   Internet Protocol
TOEFL   Test Of English as a Foreign Language
GMAT   Graduate Management Admission Test
GATE   Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
GAIL   Gas Authority of India Limited
SATA   Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
PATA   Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment
CIDCO   City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd
BBC   British Broadcasting Channel
CNN   Cable News Network
CNBC   Consumer News and Business Channel
AJAX   Asynchronous JavaScript + XML
MIS   Management Information System
MICR   Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
IFSC   Indian Financial System Code
ISI   Indian Standards Institute
ISO   International Organization for Standardization
ISDN   Integrated Services Digital Network
ISKCON   International Society for Krishna Consciousness
R S V P Répondez s’il vous plait
P S Post script
A S A P As soon as possible
E T A Estimated time of arrival
B Y O B Bring your own bottle
D I Y Do it yourself
URL Uniform Resource Locator
USB Universal Serial Bus
Eg (Example) Exempli Gratia
IE Id Est
CAPTCHA Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
SCUBA Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
IMAX Image Maximum
ZIP Code Zone Improvement Plan Code
OMG Oh, My God
BYE Be with you Everytime

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